Geekshock January, 26th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 83 - Die In A Pie

What if a natural 20 is a tale you spin at the inn? What if all you know is 1’s but you don’t know binary? What if the TPK (Total Party Kill) is constantly your fault? What if your dice hate you? Then you must cleanse them. But how? We explore this very important ponderance as well as other topics like “No rush to blame shift”, Wondering Woman, Steam-punk Palin, Bane rises, Wizard lock, Jeff hates apple…still, Pac-toon, Smith gets daring, Bus stop represent, lion tacos, Comics Code Authority no more, big jalapenos, Avatar for UNICEF, Money Machine, Evil Deader, Black Panther: the documentary(?), poor Borders and a full list of the 1954 Comics Code Authority rules. So bake your die in a pie. It’s Geek Shock

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  • F. Andrew Taylor says

    Capybara. I’ve been told by a friend who ate it without knowing what it was that it was the best tasting meat he’d ever had.

  • Master Torgo says

    Ok… Now that is truly exotic. I’d buy that taco.