Geekshock February, 2nd 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 84 - Versus vs. Versus

On today’s show we scrape through the cobwebs of our minds to come up with our best Hollywood style pitches for “versus” movies we would like to see. You know, like “Aliens vs. Predator” but GOOD. We also talk about other geek news like Twilight: the class, Geritol-rella, Shivs & Dragons, Shat’s back(!), ebooks, Bond’s silence, new Supes, cancelled cookies, China news mavericks, Crazy Frog Cash, the text that saved Moscow, Red squared, Facepalm, Huge Jackman, Standing again, No Country for old Gunslingers, Dead Space: the movie and get crazy with our Versus Big List on Geek Shock!

Which Versus movie did you like the best? Do you have one of your own? Put it in the COMMENTS SECTION!

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  • David Farrar says

    Here’s a mashup: Wacky Races…run like Death Race 2000. Lindsay Lohan can play Penelope Pitstop, certainly has the lack of brains and driving skill for it.