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Comic-Con Tickets Sold Out; World Mourns

Last Saturday morning, Comic-Con tickets officially went on sale through Ticketleap. Servers were instantly slammed, and many people got over-capacity message from Ticketleap and were encouraged to keep trying. All passes were sold out by 3pm. Some people who were online since the first minute they were available weren’t able to get tickets. And of course, the internet was abuzz all weekend with complaints about Ticketleap, Comic-Con’s decision to use them, the availability of tickets vs. the number of people interested in going, and the inevitable fiasco to come for available hotel rooms (at reasonable rates or not).

“We’re obviously not happy with this morning’s events,” said the Comic-Con Twitter account on Saturday.

Keep in mind that none of the tickets sold on Saturday to those few lucky individuals were 4-day passes with preview night. For that dubious honor you must have purchased your tickets AT last year’s Comic-Con by waiting in a very long line. So, the best chance you have to attend Comic-Con is if you already attended it before. That’s… annoying.

This will be my 12th year going, 4th as press. So I totally understand what it must be like to not get tickets. I can absolutely understand what it must be like for people who have gone for decades not to be able to get in now. And it makes me angry, but what can you do? All I can do, as press, is ask you all what most interests you and hope that we can cover it for you.

We don’t get confirmation who who will be attending and who will be available for interviews until the week prior, but if you have any (reasonable) questions for the people we will be interviewing, I’ll take them.

Did you try to get tickets and fail/succeed? I’d love to know how your experience was. Write to

– barry



  • Steven Biggs says

    I’m still drinking heavily from the disappointment. The good news is it’s mostly green tea.


  • Kat Earl says

    I got a ticket,I got a ticket, I am the best, I am the best. (ducks). Darn you! Stop throwing toaster ovens at my head! Anyway, I do think it SUCKS (even though I have a ticket) that my peeps and bros and gurl friends (yes Ramon I’m talking to you Gurl) can’t go. Really wish there was a way for me to buy his ticket on site as well for 2012 but wishes and fishes and monkeys out of my butt. am I right fellas.
    (thinking back to when I could beat the system and get in free.
    Hope to see you all there, except ramon, and I’ll get to flip the bird to all the scalpers trying to buy my badge to sell to others.