Geekshock February, 9th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 85 - I Am Drinking Prison Sex

Do you like RPGs? Sure we all do. But not these…NOT these. Today we rack our feeble brains to figure out what the best-worst RPG idea is. We also talk about Chinese food, Indian astrology, Fox News misrepresents games for fear’s sake(again), Larry’s show, Poke-arm, Catholic App, Comic-Con, Hoover Dam, plastic rice, congressional graphic novels, Redwall no more, phone charging emergencies, Green Lantern, Stephen never knew, Summer Glau’s long summer, Theme Park of Warcraft, and the Big List.

And I want my Singapore Noodles, dammit!

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  • F. Andrew Taylor says

    I participated in an evil D&D campaign one summer. It’s possible to do, but we needed specific evil goals, like taking over a town and submitting it to our will or defeating the local paladin and his cohorts. I can’t remember my character’s name, by I do recall that he was a half breed drow/githyanki. It was an odd campaign.