Geekshock February, 16th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 86 - The Famous Paul Returns (Hide the Alpacas!)

Here is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The Famous Paul returns to Geek Shock after a long hiatus. For our newer listeners… oh, God… hold on to yourselves. This week’s geek news topics include Espernaza Quesadilla v. Justin Beaver, the unknown Uncharted, Twilander, Carole Lieberman makes sh*t up, Guitar Hero’s demise, gamer Grammys, Felicia Age, Smallville pros and conconcon, Cry Little Sister, PS2 FTW, Die Hard 5, Sookie’s Stall, iPhone psa = f**king dumb, and “Go Voltron Game!!” Plus a big list, a smelt Paul, confused Torgo, an angry Barry, a laughing Kommander, and an exhausted 80’s all for you, dear listener.

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  • Kevin - the long lost guy from ny says

    I miss Paul, I miss jungle bitch, and most importantly hypnotiq.