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The Ugly Couch Show: Bringing Pop Culture and Cult Geekery to the Masses. We tell you what to watch, what to read, and what to play. The Ugly Couch Show reviews Pop Culture, Video Games, TV Shows, Movies, Comics, and more. The Geekshock Podcast covers the week in geek, and all things related to geek culture. Questions? Comments? Email comments@uglycouchshow.com.

TODD BRISTOW (Master Torgo) – Todd has a degree in Theatre performance and Stage direction From the University of Evansville. Some past experience include radio DJ, Hollywood P.A., Professional stage actor, musican and recording artist, bookstore clerk and Vulcan. Willing to trade all past experience for one more “Savage” Steve Holland Film. Please. Avid reader and Nerdcore gamer. Low tolerance for “cutsie” games and high tolerance for bad horror. Once killed a man for nerding too loud. Loves otters and Porgs.
JEFF GUNTER (80’s Jeff) – Jeff is a Graduate of the University of Kansas with a degree in Film Production. He has worked on many independent films and video projects, though has never seen one red cent from any of his past work. Trivia master, Film lover, expert in all things from the 1980’s, Jeff has a great knowledge of movies and music from many decades, but knows absolutely nothing when it comes to the being called “woman.”
KERSTAN SZCZEPANSKI (Kommander K) – Kommander K wields the Power Cosmic and has been to far lands where the stars are strange. When he isn’t blasting the shit out of attack ships off the Shoulder of Orion, he ranges the dead sea bottoms of Barsoom banishing the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth. An android, an outcast, he is the last of his race. He has the death sentence in THIRTEEN systems and says adamantium and neutronium are the same thing. His advice to all n00b nerds, Shoot first, it’s the only way to be sure. Or he is an actor and writer in Las Vegas with way too much time on his hands. Take your pick.
F ANDREW TAYLOR (Fact Check Andy) – Andy Spills things and sometimes checks a fact.
MATT MARSHALL (Maple Leaf Matt) – Matt apologizes for stuff and collects Funko.
PAUL MATTINGLY (The Famous Paul) – Paul wants to pilot a giant robot. Paul was once a Klingon for nine years, now he teaches and performs improv in Las Vegas. Paul loves vegetables. One of these statements is false. Also part of the Ice Cream Social Podcast. You should check em out!
ADAM KOZLOWSKI (Captain Luddite) – Former member of the show now owner of the Kozmic Games Emporim (CLICK HERE) in Macomb, IL! Captain Luddite grew up in a small college town in the cornfields of Illinois. He spent many a night with his parents watching three to four movies or playing board games or Lara Croft. Nights became dawn as he played D&D or Risk with his best friends. In his college years he had his Vonnegut phase and discovered foreign films, Frank Zappa, the beat poets and Tom Waits. He is often upset by the convenience of technology because he is well aware it shall be the end of us all. He also made a movie called Wins A Lot!
MICHAEL HOFFMAN (Just Michael) – A show regular till he moved to Texas. He Crouches atop the gargoyles lining the tall gothic structures of the ancient city. With a flick of the wrist a batarang, using advanced homing technology, flies unerringly towards its target. In the other hand a lightsaber flares to life as his shrouded figure leaps from the skyline. He activates his web slinger to slow his decent and he lands deftly in the middle of the horded mass of his enemies. The slight rattle of his dice bag alerting them to his presence. The Zombies don’t stand a chance.
BARRY ROBB (Doctor Vlarg) – Barry was a show regular until he also moved to Texas (ugh). Now he handles web stuff from afar and occasionally pops in when he’s back in vegas. He was abducted at birth by large-eared aliens and raised as their own. Through a steady diet of 1980’s teen films and bizzare alien sex rituals involving pineapples and bacon, he was bred to infiltrate the human race and spread misinformation and chaos, weakening the enemy’s resolve for a possible future invasion. He also makes websites and enjoys sushi and has man-lady hair.