Geekshock July, 7th 2010 by Todd Bristow

Couchcast 58 - Pink Limpy

We tried. We REALLY tried to get through the show without wang jokes. But, with Paul on the couch… well… we tried. But with the torrent comes all geek joy you can shake a pink limpy at. We cover such diverse topics as the highest paid actor is younger than you, smelling like Bruno, Prince says something stupid… again, Titanic-eyed peas, Pee-Wee Apatow, Futurama…FROM THE FUTURE, Hulu-Plus for less, Video Games Live Tour paid for by viewers like you, Twilight finally kills somebody, the Demented web, Wicked Lasers, Sulu sex, Spidercat, place your bets on Who, Iron Sky, unregulated Free Enterprise, Smith’s List, the Last Weiniebender, BP: the Home Game, Ebert comes clean, Bieber’s Blooper, and Mumra. A very annoyed Mumra.

The Big List: Top 10 Strangest Museums Ever

BTW. You can’t have . We own it now. And it is glorious.

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  • David Farrar says

    I believe you guys broke the record for wangs in a Couchcast. It’s like you all are in the same closet lol.