Episodes July, 1st 2010 by 80's Jeff

Episode 68 - Geekery in the UK

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Barry’s back from the UK! ; Torgo and Vlarg feast on British delights and talk U.K.-flavored geekery!


  • David Farrar says

    Smashing good show! Happy “Give the Finger to the British” Day!

  • Suzi says

    Hey guys Im from Scotland and i wanted to make some suggestions if you ever come back. You should try haggis – dont ask whats in it! A deep fried mars bar – go into a fish and chip shop or as we call them “chippies” and ask for one, they can deep fry almost any choclate bar!

    You should also drink Irn Bru – its a soda that almost all scottish people drink and apparently you cant get it in the states becuase they wont disclose the recipe…im not sure how true that is though.

    Lastly, Barry Robb, im related to you! My brother is Sam Connor!

    Love the show

    • admin says

      You’re related to me? Awesome! Email me. Facebook me. Let’s keep in touch!

      Also, Irn Bru is awful.