Geekshock July, 14th 2010 by Todd Bristow

Couchcast 59 - Stupid Gets A Kick

Created from a lab discovered in a basement under our villa, this week’s Couchcast gives a 1,2,5 punch to the solar-powered plexus. It all starts off with the horrible TV shows we still wanna see on DVD. We only think they’re great because we haven’t seen them in years. From there we go on to talk about Comic-Con, Batman Engrish, the madness of King Lee, The madness of fool Phelps, Y the last bathhouse, 8 minutes(!), Darth Vader gets kicked out of the 501st, Bruce Banner gets kicked out of the Hulk, Pekar gets kicked out of life, Tron cares about it’s script, Robocop vs. Dexter, D23’s film festival, James Cameron’s cash festival, Kevin’s bacon powers, when we get to walk on the Boardwalk Empire, zombiewalk…out of a wrecked car, play MMO and win a sex doll, when I think games-I think Macy’s, the FCC’s f&#king decision, and Deadpool gets maxed out. So, join the Whiz Kids on the Phoenix as the Voyagers head to the Saturday Supercade… you Manimal, you.

BIg List: 4 slowly occurring annoyances experienced by gamers

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  • A.J. says

    The show with the stopwatch with the guy and the kid that travel through time is Voyagers! I used to love it when I was a kid!

  • 80's Jeff says

    Yeah, I remembered that the show was called Voyagers! towards the end of the cast, but it’s hard to hear Barry and I going, “Oh yeah!” over Paul. I also just discovered today that Voyagers!: The complete series is available on DVD over at

  • Master Torgo says

    Thank you, A.J. and I just checked and thankfully it is out on DVD as we speak. Well maybe thankfully…. I gotta feeling that it’s not as good as I remember…like most of these shows…