Geekshock May, 18th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 98 - Science Fairy

What can I say? We thrive on chaos and that’s what you get this week as we talk about all the new geek news like SpiderDark II, Akira, the Bay Challenge, too much Gaga, Sony’s sorry, smart kids, why the bees are going away, Trickster, V for Vunder Voman, seeing the Tower, new shows, science fairs, and shows we won’t get to see. So put that gift under the pillow for the Science Fairy. It’s time for a Geek Shock.

If you would like Paul to do an impression of your favorite character, send your request to

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  • Bleeg says

    Though I don’t directly condone your homo-he-fest, it would be awesome to see you and Torgo in September! I work right next to the airport and I live pretty close.