Geekshock January, 29th 2014 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #223 - The Devil's Koi Pond

For He-Man’s sake, don’t drink the mucus of this week’s Geek Shock as we talk about such awesomeness as Royal Tumble, The Werewolf Song of Forever, Beer Belly, Shell of a Ghost, Arthur King of the 6 Picture Deal, Star Wars: Rebels, New Triffids, King Kong Ping Pong Play, EVE Online gets EVEier, Saga, Robot Sex Land, The Cruise Ship of Doom, Snails of Unusual Size, and Paul hates shark guy. So take the suggestion of Harry Rose, cause the tap is running with Geek Shock!

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  • dr vlarg says

    Wow. English fails me as a language to properly describe what a behemoth of a shit I do not give about wrestling. Thus, I will explain in a made up language:

    Gort. Flang. Bingbong. Wrestling is for children. Krablak. Smoot. Eatadickpaul.

  • skoli says

    Yeah agreed, unless it’s ultimate surrender .com , no shits given.

  • Ryan mayes says

    I loved this week’s episode. It was a beautiful to see Paul and Bonzo come together over a topic like wrestling. We can all just get along. After hearing Bonzo reminisce over the loss of his Murdock A-team figure, it moved me to extend an invitation for you guys to check out my 80’s toy website I don’t sell anything on it or make any money. It’s my personal collection and It’s just there for all of us fellow geeks to fondly remember the toys of our childhood. And yes, Bonzo’s beloved Murdock figure is on there. Great show as usual and thanks for making Wednesday my favorite day if the week.