Geekshock January, 23rd 2014 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #222 - Do You Wanna Butt Butts With Me?

This week’s geek shock takes you on a tropical voyage of horrible as we talk about geek stuffs like the future of the Werewolf Biting song, Sexy Bigfoot, 1984 (the 2014 version), King Candy, Marvel vs DC, Agent Carter, na na na na na na Batman!, Xbox/Machinima horribleness, Frogware Cthulhu, Barbarella psychedella, MMO numbers, Apple’s whoopsie, Badgers and dwarf porn. So tell Danzig to put some pants on. It’s time for a Geek Shock!

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  • skoli says

    RE: Werewolf Balls

    Never has so much effort been spent for so little in return.

  • ryan says

    dear mr paul i have one. t-bag a t-rex

  • TFP says

    Thats just it! It is the utter uselessness of the plan to bite werewolf balls that makes it so hillarious. It is a Sysyphian nightmare of humor about the human condition disquised as a song about werewolf balls. It is man’s futile attempt to make sense of a senseless existence.

  • skoli says

    If you were talking about licking Frankenstein’s taint then yeah, all that would apply. The necrotic yet still sweaty space between the creatures asshole and penis acting as a stand in for Dante’s metaphor of Purgatory’s Road of Souls leading inevitably to Hell, sure that makes perfect sense….but Werewolf balls are just fucking ridiculous and you should know better.