Geekshock February, 5th 2014 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #224 - Twelve Pack of Stitches

Blessed are the freak, for they shall inherit this week’s Geek Shock as we talk about All The Gigawatts, Minecrack, Frankensteins, The Joy of Luthor, Evilest of Deads, Rankin/Bass, rise of Amazon, iZombie, Copyright Trolling, Killer instinct Jail, and cheating. So shoot that 8 ball, it’s time for a Geek Shock!

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  • Chief Jman says

    fuck you bonzo the feast, you cant defend army of darkness, obviously not qualified gtfo.that aside another great show would like to request some Sweet Matty D

  • Bonzo The Beast says

    Hi there Chief Jman,

    Not sure what language you are speaking (maybe it was something from the Necronomican itself),
    I just wanted to let you know what my qualifications are so that way you are aware of who I am. I am a music journalist and have been for several years. I’ve also collected thousands of films over the years from 1915 until now and have worked at Blockbuster. I don’t pretend to know everything, however I do know enough to talk about film. That being said, It’s not that I am praising Evil Dead (2013) in the highest regards. My intentions were good. I liked it compared to the other PG-13 so called garbage they call horror films today. As a sequel and knowing where they are heading with the franchise, I believe it to be ok. Not great, not stellar. Just ok. I have the ED trilogy including the necronomican sitting on my shelf. I’ve had several discussions with Bruce Campbell and even Alice Cooper on said films. Obviously yes Evil Dead (2013) could have been a lot better, but in the scope of things (from remakes to sequels) nothing is on par anymore. But hey, HAVE A NICE DAY!!

  • Chief Jman says

    Lol thought this would happen, you bought into the idea of the movie, which is fine but you tried to defend the movie by brining up bs “plot points” that had been put there to very very weakly link the films and basically to say hey its not a reboot or remake its deffinatley a continuation, you bought that bullshit point blank and it comes across very clearly in the podcast, I’m sorry if you seriously took that as a shot to your credibility. It just made me really angry listening to you try and justify that movie off of wether or not the cabin was burnt down, if it’s a shit movie it just is, however I can understand the love for such films….waterworld anyone? It’s not the movie itself you love, it’s the ideas, mythos, and the possibilities of what could’ve happened in the film and what might happen, you cant justify a shitty universe with a good movie but you cant justify a shit movie with a good universe i believe, unless you have some examples which i would be open to hear about. apologies if this is a duplication, but i posted this once under the name chief jmanjelleme, hence the ipad comment

  • Rub says

    Not sure what you guys did to be blocked in China but the Green Dam has a nice filter on all your media. Was never a problem before.

    I had to go almost a month without TUCS and it was pretty dismal (beyond the choking pollution and massive clam dicks for dinner)

  • Todd Bristow says

    Oh, I think I have an idea. I’m not a podcaster, I’m a man in jail…