Geekshock May, 26th 2010 by Todd Bristow

Couchcast 52 - Aged to Deadly Perfection

It’s Towel Day. Are you a person who really knows where your towel is? In this Ugly little Couchcast we discover many things about the world and ourselves. We learn about the MacGyver movie, why Bruckheimer can’t keep his space junk off the screen, why James Franco has gone ape-shit, why a bad spill will be cleaned up by a worse movie, how to buy a horror landmark, the Mass Effect movie, how Zombie Meat is made (hint: it’s aged to deadly perfection…in the graveyard), big-assed elevators for small asses, the end of Smallville, The rise of the REAL Transformers, missing Thundercats Scribes, Ninja rescues, LARP: the Theme Park, piano in Rockband 3, synthetic life becomes a reality, good riddance to Fox rubbish, video games help you to defeat Freddy Kruger, twenty dollar movies, Andy Serkis mo-clown college, expensive Tron games, Sinatra bio-pics, Fire and Ice in the hands of a master, Mumra, and much more.

Big List: Top 10 Politically Charged Comics.

Come join us. Won’t you? Thank you.

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