Geekshock May, 19th 2010 by Todd Bristow

CouchCast 51: Pedo Makes Robot For Gay Son

Sorry for the LOST week, yet all is not LOST as you will hear in this week’s show. Barry is on his “Wiener Tour of England” but we manage to get by with out him as he goes to bang some mash. This week we talk about the Roller Coaster Tycoon movie, Universal Soldier 4, Battle Royale 3D, Blaming your crappy relationship decisions on your phone company, California not putting up with Texas textbook changes, the possible price point for Natal, alas poor Dio – I knew him Horatio, You used game buyers suck more than pirates, Charlie Kaufman’s animation adventures, Getting gold from an ATM (We tell you how!), Full size Evangelion robots, George Lucas admits he didn’t know what the hell he was doing, Possible Bill Gaines movie, Hurt Locker Pirates, Shia LaBeouf admits Indy 4 blows, David Fincher directs for Walt Street, Time to return those Saving Private Ryan blu-rays, The Cape, Tim Burton= seaweed, and Paul gets excited about No Ordinary Family on ABC.

The Big List this week: 14 disturbing/frightening moments in children’s movies.

Oh… and Mum-Ra answers your question on an all half-new Couchcast!

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  • David Farrar says

    Yay! You guys didn’t fall off the face of the earth.