Geekshock March, 16th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 90 - Paul Cheats on Barry

What would happen if Paul and Barry dated? This is a question for the ages and we answer it here on this week’s Geek Shock. There was so much news that we had to forgo the Big List this week. What news you ask? Well, my good fellow, we talk about a continued turning off of the dark, Rovio misinformed-o, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Massacre, a Dare to re-Devil, Archie Babies, Munchkin Axe Cop, Batman sex, magic stamps, geek trading cards, Microsoft Hack Points, Chrome of steel, Discworld TV, goodbye yellow sub, the Monkey King, Punisher IV, Dark Tower IV.V, awesome Deadpool, Torchlight win, Kinect win, Australia lose, Pacific Rim (job), Ubisoft rocks, and ESRB sheds some light. Listen as Paul gets it under the table. Or behind a woodshed. Or something.

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