Geekshock March, 23rd 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 91 - Mrs. Nutterworths

It’s Tuesday, Tuesday. Gotta get down on Tuesday cause that’s when we get geekin’. This week’s Geek Shock stirs your batter with news from all over the nerdmos like the Shat’s B-day, The Spidey Project (home version), the DC feud, that’s my Davros(!), Amazon and on, Sumo marathon, Netflix originals, sock puppets, Gough goes, Akira (i.e. Ralph), King of the Dead, fear of the English, Sandman is on, Hobbit is on, and Dune is off. Plus a Big List reminder of all the dumb controversies surrounding video games over the last few years. Fun Fun fun fun, looking forward to a GEEK SHOCK!

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