Geekshock September, 1st 2010 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 65 - Zoombies

Hey! Where did Couchcast go? Don’t fret, buckaroo. It’s right here. We’ve given ourselves a new name like the one you give your significant other in your tenderest of moments. But it’s the same sweet smelling geekery, so grab your smelling salts…We’re going deep. Today we discuss improv vs. Killer Instinct, Awesomeness Reminders, Snakes and Lattes, Wii intimacy, Zomb1es everywhere, 3D without annoyance, Xbox Live with annoyance, better controllers for the colorblind, Spiderpaul, saving throw vs Lost Marathon, Maryland State Senator Nancy King is a tool and we’ll tell you why, Commodore and a whole lot more, THQ hates you, best headache stories ever, and Lucas/Disney performs fanfic. Big List: 7 scientific reasons a zombie outbreak would fail.

So hide your Ding Dongs and prepare for a GEEK SHOCK!

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