Geekshock August, 25th 2010 by Todd Bristow

Couchcast 64 - A Treat Comes Dancing Out

Paul dives deep into his past to recount the great Game Stop Hold-up of 2005 and the great sphincter Hold-in of 2010. But that’s not all. It can’t be all! We also bring you the Lineage of Craig Smallwood, Harry Popper, Doggy Poo Story – The Musical, Braga’s bragging, Voyager rants, Everything’s blog unfriendly in Philadelphia, Futurama’s theorem, China’s not getting anywhere fast, a Portal to higher education, Locke & Key on teevee, and a vote for Blinky.

Big List(s): X-Men: First Class revelations, Paul Scheer’s rules for watching Piranha 3D, and the entire play-list for Rockband 3

So pick up that feather and get yourself a treat… It’s Couchcast time!

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