Geekshock August, 18th 2010 by Todd Bristow

Couchcast 63 - Gungan Doody Poopa

Yeah, we saw Scott Pilgrim and we talk about it miraculously spoiler free. From there it all goes downhill as we discuss Ray Bradberry and J.D. Salinger, stupid e-mail addys, a Silenter Hill, Star-Ray, a Hamill-less Luke, Klingon opera, Topless Raeliens, the end of a Legacy, X-Platt, Freakin’ awesome-enomics, Irrational’s Infinite, and phone boy. Also, prepare to gag (not only from the scatological humor) for the Big List is 25 video game movies in development. I am filled with loathsome.

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  • Kmuzu says

    Just some thoughts about the show.

    First, great show – enjoyed it so much .. much better than Cats.

    I know Winstead was in a Disney production. She was the main villain in Sky High with Kurt Russel. She actually was a better actress in Sky High

    The back head chip reminded more of George Alec Effinger.

    Ray Bradbury’s great movie – The Illustrated Man. Predicts – World of Warcraft and Obama.

    So was Salinger’s toilet Kosher? New video game “Paul’s Poop Myst”

    Blueray Star Wars!?!?! Special edition – NO!!!! Oh well, I still have Laser Disc.

    Chewie shows how to build a Light Saber in The Star Wars Holiday Special – it uses Santa’s magic.

    Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman make out in some upcoming movie .. that’s good news .. right?

    I think Splinter of the Mind’s Eye would have been a very cool way to go with the SW franchise.

    Jesus Camp is a wonderful documentary.

    Tengen was Atari’s middle finger to Nintendo. I was also sued by Nintendo for helping design a NES modem. Cloak & Dagger was the first game to movie I think?

    Isn’t Reach the last of the Halo games? Battleship is being turned into a movie – starring Taylor Kitch and Alexander Skarsgård. Candyland, Castlevania, GeGe No Kitaro and Duck Hunt.

    Great show .. I actually stopped playing WoW to listen .. you guys rock.

  • Master Torgo says

    Thanks for giving us your thoughts, Kmuzu. I agree with the Mind’s Eye theory. With Motion capture it could at least be physically possible. Scarlett and Natalie are two great tastes that go great together. Regarding your blog… yes, the Leaning Tower shot is an amazing photobomb. God I love those.