Geekshock August, 10th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 108 - Ghost F**kers Up Next!

Just when Paul returns to us, Barry and Michael are MIA (leading to a lot of speculation). But the core of the speculation is on this week’s Geek News like Sparepants, K has the time of his life, Tux, the Marvel Mystery Movies, starstuff, and another thing Vonnegut, Syfuny, more starstuff, SETI Alpha 2, gold for guns, madder men, pandas, dragon plugs, borderlands, blizmoney, jeff’s gamefly commercial, and so much more. So grab your girl (you know, the one with the lips and eyebrows) and geek out on Geek Shock!

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  • Skoli says


    Mattel and Club Eternia are pleased to announce a brand new line of action figures based on the beloved Masters of the Universe TV Series spin off “GraySkullin’ It”. True fans will remember the short lived series set at Eternia Community College, as it introduced a whole new line of college aged Masters of the Universe characters and their wacky hi-jinks at ECC . Who can forget He-Boy, Beast Lad, Keg-Or, Date Raptor, Guy Fraternius or That Asian Guy as they butted heads with the mean old Dean Skeletor ?

    And now we are proud to present the first in the “GraySkullin’ It” line of collectible action figures: MAN-E-PANTS. True fans will remember Man-e-pants (cousin of original Masters Of Universe character Man-E-Faces) from the episode “Slice Slice Baby”. Man-E-Pant’s ability to change his lower torso from what appeared to be a pair of Haggar Sans-a-belt Khakis, into a pair of American Flag patterned Parachute Pants came in very handy while trying to thwart Dean Skeletors attempts to keep special guest star Vanilla Ice from preforming at the ECC fall dance. Featuring a whole 5 points of articulation, Man-E-Pants will definitely make a fine addition to your collection.

  • Steven Biggs says

    Couple of things; I missed out on this years version of Club Eternia for the DC Universe Mattel figures. Waah! Also, the “Eureka” rant is pants pissingly funny.