Geekshock August, 4th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 107 - Fat Lootz Inc.

Oh, noes! Paul has the nerd flu! We quickly take advantage of the situation and power through a load of geek news like how to sell your children (valid only in China), the somewhat (but not really) Evil Dead, the planet has a new captain, Archie, Battlefield 3 (women 0), the Legion of Supertrekkers, a Darker Tower, pop-rockaclypse, Star Walks, Sin City 2, Machete 2-3, Fire and Ice+, Treklater, Marvel hates DC, Bag of Bond, Videogame History Museum, Nolan’s carjacking, Diablo 3, Kirby vs. Marvel, the Walking Showrunner, people vs. Lucas, Gears of d10, THQ Who, 3DS vs. Early adopters and more. See!? That’s a lot of stuff.

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  • Steven Biggs says

    Hey, kids,

    I was FB messaging Kerstan the other day about this. This Marc Toberoff ambulance-chaser is also the same clown screwing up Superman, representing the Seigel and Schuster families against DC/Warner. The speculation is that, because he is also a would-be producer, he has sold these people a bill-of-goods concerning independently produced movies/TV shows of all these characters, etc., and the “bigger share” of the profits they stand to gain. Asshole. IMHO.

  • Bleeg says

    In this humble game developer’s opinion…

    AAA title is a marketing device made up by the developer and publisher of a game to hype it. It used to be tied to how much a game cost to make, but it really boils down to what people end up believing it is based on the hype, reviews and sales.