Geekshock July, 27th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 106 - Post Comic-Con Show

This week we talk about San Diego Comic-Con. And then we talk about Comic-Con. The we talk about Con. Then Paul says something about He-Man. Then more Con.

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  • Troy says

    Thanks for the laughs guys. Keep rocking.

  • Steven Biggs says

    Hey, kids, If you’re really interested in what made Prof. Biggs optimistic about the New 52, DC has posted podcasts of all their panels. I heartily recommend the Superman, Grant Morrison and JLA panels. In the latter, especially listen to the crowd go off on the woman asking why there are no prominent women in the New 52 and then Jim Lee’s response to the next question. Hours of fun.

    And I do not sound that whiney, Kommander K.

    So there.

  • Steven Biggs says

    I suppose I should post the link:

  • Steven Biggs says

    I just figured it out; if I can actually get tickets for next year, it will be my 35th Comic-Con. I’ve only missed 4 since 1973 (back when arguably the biggest celebrity there actually had something to do with comics, Neal Adams).

    If you want to experience something like the Con circa 1980-ish, I recommend the Long Beach Comic-Con. I’ve had a lot of fun there the last couple of years.

    On a side note, I miss our sweet, sweet spooning, Famous Paul.

    See y’all soon,

    Prof. (NoFannypackMan) Biggs

  • Bleeg says

    Oh wow, Kommander K, you killed me on the Paul’s He Man rant. Kommander K: “Yeah just make sure I get a gift receipt” Hahahahaa Sorry Paul that killed me!

    Again great job guys!!!!

  • Kommander K says

    Glad someone appreciates me, Bleeg! Gift receipts, they show you really care….