GeekBlog July, 19th 2011 by Admin

Comic-Con Comic Strip Contest!

Let’s have a contest! Here’s a link to a stick figure comic: comic-contest.pdf

Fill in the blanks, you creative type you. What is happening in this exchange?
Afan seeking an autograph? Some young hopeful artist submitting his work for review? A BBQ cook off? Who knows? It is up to you to fill in the blanks!

Add to the image as much as you like and then scan that bad boy on your computer and send it to to win a mystery prize and be featured on the homepage of the Ugly Couch Show! Grab those crayons, wattercolors and markers and get crackin.



  • Skoli says

    Y U no Post Winnarz?

  • Kommander K says

    Yeah! Were r teh winnarz??

  • Master Torgo says

    Yeaz brry! Winrz Winrz Winrz!!