Geekshock June, 15th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 102 - Wavy Line, Bird

Sun. Man on a boat. Jackal. In other geek news, we talk about pottery, Torgo doesn’t know what the f#*k MEGA Bloks are, dating your dvd, Endless Happiness Pen, Risk (is their business), Anonymous and Lulzsec adventures continue, Terry Pratchett’s retirement, iphones, Wii Shares, okay spam, Scissor Rock, American Gods are well funded, more Pegg/Frost/Wright, DC show, Mel’s return, Marvel apparently has crap to talk about this week too, stats, Dr. Manga, Smith’s Land, Free Valve, and turtles. IF you didn’t call your “girlfriend” before you finished reading this description, insert disc #1.

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  • Bleeg says

    Damn you all to hell for making me weep with laughter!!!!!!!!

  • Master Torgo says

    I believe the ancient Nile dwellers call it Hades….

  • Jman says

    How awsome is Duke Nukem Forever

  • Steven Biggs says

    So, first of all, thanks for the birthday shout-out. Second, I’m sending Conspiracy Theory Period Bear after Paul if he insists on unleashing Comic Period Bear after me. Third, Famous Paul must turn in his Merry Marvel Marching Society Card if he has yet to see “X-Men: First Class” as this DC-ite has already seen it twice. So there. Wavy-line bird you, man.

  • Steven Biggs says

    What the–?! It’s Wed. Where’s my new Geekshock? Wavy line, bird you guys…