Geekshock June, 23rd 2011 by Todd Bristow

What the!?!

Oooops. There’s no new Geek Shock this week. Jeff and Torgo came into some tickets to a recording of the Show “Hell’s Kitchen” and as they are ridiculous fans of the show, they decided it was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. And since the Producers of Hell’s Kitchen won’t work around our schedule, we had to work around theirs and so this week became a break for all Geek Shock crew. But I PROMISE that we will be back next week with more of what you know and love. More News You Don’t Give a Shit About. More Week in Geek. More Bad Paul. More Angry Barry. More GEEK SHOCK.

Master Torgo

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  • Evan Malik says

    Damn, there is no show, but Im totaly jealous! I love all the Gordon Ramsey shows! I cant wait to hear of your visit! Be sure to steal some menus like, um, others used to do Quarks!