Geekshock March, 31st 2010 by Admin

CouchCast 45: Saturday SuperPong and Farm Animals

CouchCast 45 is a serendipitous hootenanny of flagrant excess and geekotronic ineptitude. I have no ideas what that means.

We discuss April fools, Godzilla, Spy hunter, Burger King’s 404 Marketing, Iron Man 2 cologne, edible gold food spray, anti-piracy internship from Warner Bros, Gamestop lawsuit over used games, James Cameron’s disdain for DVDs, FearFest, 24 and Scrubs cancelled, Malificient from Sleeping Beauty, Amazon may launch a Steam-like service, farm animals, convenience store robbery with a bat’leth, hardcore gaming, RIAA litigation against pirates, Voqha the Klingon Warrior, Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, things we learned from video games, Cloverfield, Pac-Man cartoon, Saturday Supercade, and the Big List: insane fan theories that actually make great movies better.

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  • Towers says

    I really like the podcast but the songs and noises in the background while you were talking was annoying and off putting. Keep up the good work but please consider removing all the music from new shows.

  • David Farrar says

    I like the music in the podcasts. It kinda gives theme music.