Geekshock March, 26th 2010 by Admin

CouchCast 44: I Rode My Sackhoff

It’s CouchCast 44! Apologies for it being delivered to you a couple days late, but even geeks get caught up doing real life stuff now and then. We discuss the latest in geek news including Rear Gear, Brannon Braga, Blockbuster’s bankruptcy, bhut jolokia ghost chili peppers, Chris Evans as Captain America, Jonah Piretti, NASA’s office of planetary protection, Michael Atkinson, Green Lantern, Warner Bros, Battlestar Galactica: The Ride in Universal Singapore, Hogwarts set caught on fire, Nicholas Brandon arrested, Scream 4, Night of the Living Trekkies, Tim Burton and the Addams Family, Camelot on Starz, Indiana University and World of Warcraft, and the big list: undeniable similarites between nerds and sports fans.

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