Geekshock March, 10th 2010 by Admin

CouchCast 42: He-Man Walks Into a Bar...

Dave-erator joins the crew on the ugly couch as we discuss the week in geek: Lady Gaga track pack for Rock Band, Battlestar Galactica browser based MMO, Capcom Street Fighter IV for iPhone, In The Beginning by John Fusco and David Cunningham, Fright Night remake by Craig Gillespie and Marti Noxon, Marvel’s ultimate comic fan’s TV, a relaunched Police Academy movie, Reign of Fire, Pet Sematary remake, J. Michael Straczynski writing Superman and Wonder Woman, King Kong coming back to Universal Studios, new Futurama episodes on Comedy Central, Tron: Legacy, Tron animated series on Disney Channel, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Felicia Day stars in Red on Syfy, Alice in Wonderland, Caprica, Rock Band 3, Chile earthquake moves the city of Concepcion 10 feet, Mcdonald’s McDelivery service in Singapore, Sophia Heesch identifies Lego Star Wars figures with her mouth, William Shatner’s social network, LactoPharma’s Recharge ice cream, 600 million tons of ice found on the moon, and the Big List: Top 7 ways games can transform you into a superior human being.

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  • Finger Cuffs says

    YES!Syfy’s ‘Alice’ did suck! Perhaps best viewed in the throes of a lysergic acid fit? … but we must give a nod to Mr. Burton for a gorgeous adaptation of my beloved Wonderland..awaiting your review..and most especially your take on the..umm..DANCE.

  • HOT PUFF says

    To Paul M-was hanging out with my friend Thomas Ryan last night and we were discussing how i love to watch LV city council meetings, so he youtubes MICHAEL LEHRER to show me his work. His piece at the council was riotus! also his one man show ‘c’mon’ is phenominal! Thomas(TR) knows him from chicago and LV- and your name came up! that you and Lehrer have worked together!! So we then watched all your pieces on youtube and we giggled till 5 this morning!!!

  • TFP says

    Thanks for watching my goofy sketches. Yes, Mr, Leherer is quite a talented fellow. His solo stuff is a knockout. That council meeting bit was redonkulous! I hope to be posting more YouTube stuff soon. Thanks for watching and please spread the ugly couch show word!

  • Bulk VanderHuge says

    McDelivery? The wold is doomed.
    Been waiting for more Futurama forever. Can’t wait.