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CouchCast 34 - New Year, Same Geeks

CouchCast 34 is a nerd-splosion of new years news! We talk Frank Henenlotter’s Bad Biology, a 5-disc Back to the Future Blu-Ray set with Jaws19 in 3D, the life and times of Lady GaGa in comics, Star Trek wetsuits, Near Death Studios’ Meridian 59, Def Leppard cartoon and video game, Avatar and James Cameron, Wallet Pop price comparisons, Dragon Age: Awakening (a Dragon Age: Origins expansion), EA closing multiplayer servers for old sports games, drug dealer busted through World of Warcraft, Deadpool spin-off with Ryan Reynolds, Frogger world record, games to get cheaper, Planet Calypso MMO real estate, guitar hero controllers as domestic violence weapons, our varied interest in games soon to be released, and more!

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  • Steve says

    I think a name like The Ugly Couch Show would fit right in at AVN.