GeekBlog January, 14th 2010 by Todd Bristow

Can You Read My Mind?

Yes.  Events beyond our control have prevented us from doing a Couchcast this week.  Franky, I needed the break.  Plus, It gave me a chance to go see Avatar which was teh awesome.  I assure you that next week we will be returning with a whole new couchcast with all the “Week in Geek” tomfoolery you can handle.  But before I leave… just a quick note.

I see frustration on Barry’s face every now and then.  It seems that he just can’t figure me out.  Can’t blame him really.  Few can.  (I’m the wind, baby.)  So, I thought I’d help him (and the rest of you) along.  Everything I take in gets run through the Tresfexiraticus filter in my brain.  This causes me to perceive things a bit differently than they really are.  Rather than try to explain the whole thing, let me just show you…

Here… let me run Star Wars Episode 4 through the USB Tresfexiraticus filter attached to Fritz (my PC)…

As you can see, it’s a bit different than the Star Wars you grew up with, but that is PRECISELY what I see every time I watch Episode 4.  You get used to it after a while and as you can see, the plot is roughly the same (I think).  This also explains why I also like watching the Degrassi series of high school melodrama.  

In fact, let me run an episode of Degrasi: The Next Generation it through the Tresfexiraticus so you can see for yourself…

See!?!  Degrassi is a GREAT SHOW! 

The Tresfexeraticus filter.  Now, go get your own and leave me alone!

Torgo out.



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