Geekshock May, 3rd 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 96 - Fart Opera

Charles “The Cheese” from the “WHO ASKED YOU” podcast joins us in our geeky frivolity and helps us answer the all important question, “What effect does super-wang have on Kandor?” Plus all the other nerdity that happened this week like more damn Spider-Dark, one less dwarf, orc stink, capes for dignity, fighting the return of Pac Man, Sony’s protects your privacy, Wii 2 (us 0), SETI shutdown, B&N now with C, cable who(?), the loss of grandpa chiptunes, the self-opening store, the FTC, the Walking Book, Opera, Game of Deadly Thrones, and Depression for writers. So pour yourself a cup of arsenic, it’s Geek Shock.

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  • Steven Biggs says

    Hey, Krypton Philistines,

    Kryptonite was formed as a result of the radioactive explosion at Krypton’s core (in later continuity, the result of the remnants of a Kryptonian civil war). Kandor, having been stolen by Brainiac before the destruction of Krypton, was not subjected to the explosion and therefore was never transformed to Kryptonite.

    In other news, there are a variety of forms of Kryptonite resulting from various different origins, depending on which version of the continuity you count as canon.

    Green K – weakens and ultimately kills Kryptonians

    Red K – causes strange transformations or personality changes.

    Blue K – Affects Bizarro the same way Green K affects Superman.

    White K – kills plants

    Gold K – takes away Superman’s powers forever (pre-’86) or for 15 minutes (post-’86).

    Rainbow K – was a hoax perpetuated by Superman against some criminals and I can’t remember what it was supposed to have done.

    There’s more info on Kryptonite over in Wikipedia.

    You’re welcome.

    See y’all soon,

    Prof. Biggs

  • Master Torgo says

    Bless you in your knowledgeable face, Steve. We should know better than to talk any Supes without consulting you first. Thanks for keeping us on the straight and narrow.