Geekshock March, 2nd 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 88 - GooseNipples

So, I’m laying in bed… and Geek Shock appears and sprays me with geek news like Baby Gaga, the chicken channel, The Devil May *sigh*, G.I. Joe 2: The Justin Bieber Story, Ghost Rider 1.5, Dovahkiin, making money the Amazon way, gimme some skin, Doctor MMO, Vietnam says “enough”, Kill Bill Complete, Razzies, Scalzi’s war, inFamous2, and Robot in Jail. Paul, Torgo, 80’s, Vlarg, Kommander K, and Just Michael (the Just) weigh in on who gets sprayed the most (Hint: it’s Paul). Close the shutters, light a candle and pick up your Kindle. It’s Geek Shock.

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  • Mark says

    Too bad those zombie mints weren’t AGED TO DEADLY PERFECTION!

  • mastertorgo says

    No, but they were definitely FROM THE GRAVEYARD