Geekshock January, 5th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 80 - Ugly Couch Show: THE GAME!!!

While Barry sulks over losing his Pinball FX crown to Torgo, 80’s Jeff, Torgo, Kommander K, and Just Michael (The Just) discuss the geek news of the week. And that news gets all OVER the place like Barry losing his Pinball FX crown, Boba City Cafe in Las Vegas, Gameboy grave-robbers, Frogger (don’t try this at home kids), carpel tunnel for charity, unified chargers, Harmonix for a song (or 4 song packs), 10 year olds that are better than you, trolling DC once again ‘official’, Stan’s Star, Being John Malkavitch (or else), two losses, Marvel’s loss/gain, Barry loses Pinball FX crown, NASA cuts the crap, Jack returns to D, Clive returns to hell, Schlafly returns to crazytown. It’s everywhere. The maid doesn’t come till Thursday. Game over, man. Game over!

Especially if your name is Dr. Vlarg, ex-pinball king.

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  • David Farrar says

    During the Big List, a little Barry was in my head screaming Try Not to Fart over and over again lol.

  • Master Torgo says

    I have a feeling that Barry would have been screaming many things during this podcast.