Geekshock September, 22nd 2010 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 68 - Ten Pound Pizza

OMG! Did you hear about the time that 80’s Jeff and his friend tried to eat a ten pound pizza in 45 minutes? Well, you will on this week’s Geek Shock. Besides 80’s gastrointestinal issues, you will also learn how not to do cut scenes, how to smell like a book, How to improve the sales of your waning Archie brand, How to screw the people who already overpaid for your processor, how to get Alyssa Milano to be your friend (for 90 days), How DC comics got their movie groove back, How to diversify your zoo, how to waste even more time on WOW, How to embrace your knighthood, How to reason with the Supreme Court, When to buy your used games (answer: quickly, before you can’t anymore), how to buy a Stargate, How to spin your Deadpool, and when to say goodbye to an old friend. That’s a lotta learnin’ and that’s just the kind of resume-pumping information you get on this week’s GEEK SHOCK.

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