Geekshock July, 22nd 2015 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #296 - Fusty Back

This week is full of Geeky Goodness! We get your Marvel Meals ideas, We get the Factcheck Comic-Con report and Mumm-Ra takes your questions. Plus we talk about #DCMeals, The Biggs connection, Child’s Play, Slave Labia, The Stargate challenge, Child Naming epic win, Xena Modern Princess, Emoji the Movie, Aladdin, Spider-Writers, Minoc Country, It’s new leader, The Starfighter Chronicles, Sapphire and Steel, Back to the Comics, Batman Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Bathing with Mumm-Ra! So spoon up! It’s time for a Geek Shock!

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  • skoli says

    The Man-Thing Platter
    A pound of boiled Kale served with two cherry tomatoes and a 28 inch German sausage. Comes with a side of Man-Thing sauce.

    The Jack Kirby Burger
    Two all beef patties, Jack Cheese, lettuce tomato and Bacon on a Ciabatta Roll.

    The Stan Lee “Excelsior” Burger
    The ingredients to the Jack Kirby Burger, shamelessly stolen and placed between two pieces of white bread toast burnt with Stan Lees face on them.

    The Black Widow Fruit Surprize
    A large hollowed out Casaba melon with a two inch wide hole drilled into it, filled up with warm chocolate pudding and Scarlett Johanssen’s nude cell phone pic taped to it.

    Gambit’s Ragin’ Cajun Plate
    Shrimp bits and Alligator Pâté served on playing cards.

    The Hank Pym “She walked into a door” Chicken Dinner
    Bruised chicken with battered vegetables.

    The Liefeld Sandwich
    A collection of assorted tiny animal feet, fried and shoved into a dozen separate pita pouches.

    Frank Miller Meal
    Dark gritty pieces of something served to you by a whore.

  • Micheal Johnson says

    #DCMeals “The Wonder Twins Power Breakfast” – any dead animal, whether real, mythological, indigenous to Earth or to some other planet and a bucket of water to wash it down with.