Geekshock October, 8th 2014 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #257 - Swingin' Zillas

Welcome, Shock Monkeys, to a new week of Geek Shock (part time). This week we talk about the state of arcades, early monster madness, Baywatch Rocks, Say Anything (but that), Myst TV, Avengers Hood, King Kong vs Robo-Dinos, the future of Spider-Man, there’s X in the Pool, Strange Choices, Twin Peaks (pop. 2), Gotham, I Am (more) Legend, Indy 5, DSMRM, American Crime Story, Dark Dredd, and Warner Brothers PR shenanigans. Look outfor what’s swingin’, it’s time for a Geek Shock. Part Time.

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  • Steffen says

    I’m surprised that when 80’s Jeff mentioned the “Everything Wrong With ASM2” on Screen Junkies channel, he failed to namedrop the CinemaSins channel who started the “Everything Wrong With…” series. ASM2 was actually an Honest Trailers/EWW crossover where CinemaSins did the Honest Trailer: ASM2 video.