Geekshock October, 19th 2013 by Admin

Geek Shock #210 - Master(bation) of the Universe


Guest stars Bonzo and Lew-Ass joins us on a very special Geek Shock. This week we talk about Room 237, the Tarantino connection, a new way to Poke, revisiting the Next Generation, more He-Man than you want, more wrestling than you need, GTA lawsuits, more Marvel TV, EVE Online: The Comic Book, Gravity goodness, Avatarland, Kings Island D-Box, the Watch Dogs that ran away, the Macho Man that saved us all, the Magic Restroom Café, Praise Lesus, and the triumphant return of the Big List. So Koko B. Ware of this crazy packed Geek Shock!

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  • Brian says

    I’m a bit late to the party on this episode, but I wanted to mention my surprise regarding the segment on the bathroom restaurant. I was surprised and a bit disappointed that no one mentioned the wobbly seats at the bar in this restaurant. A perfect opportunity for a loose stool joke and no one took it. Well, there it is. Late, no comedic timing, and boarding on irrelevant, but there it is none the less.

  • Master Torgo says

    We are shamed by our omission. But shame is also our natural state of being.