Geekshock October, 22nd 2013 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #211 - Ivan Yakinoff Parking Sons

And thus the Geek Shock was reborn as Bonzo, Fact Check Andy, and Major Meh (the artist formally known as Lew-Ass) join us to talk about holding on to your Geek dreams, 80’s Disney Adventure, Guitar Wolf, Stonados, Snoopzilla, Grand Malware Autoexec.bat V, the connected universe of Universal monsters, the legacy of Lou Scheimer, Dick returns to Mars, Hieroglyph, The next Aliens game, the dangers of being Arkham, the TotalBiscuit debacle, Bay vs. the air conditioner, gamers solve AIDS, Paul solves foot fungus, and two awesome records broken. So call up the sons of Fox, it’s time for a Geek Shock!

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