Geekshock July, 17th 2013 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #197 - Pacific Shartnado


How bout a two-fer! You get your weekly geeky news and you get a monster rant about monsters from The Famous Paul! First we talk about the nerdy stuff like EVO, #YOLO Mr. Bond, Free Wi-FU, the unheard of existence of porn on the internet, District 10, Alan’s musings, the rebirth of Ash, X-Force, a vision of Diesel, submarine cars, Microsoft loves your business (solutions), All You Can Arcade, the eSports legitimacy, and watching your wingdang around a hissing urinal cake. But that’s not all. We also get into a passionate, spoilery discussion about Pacific Rim and what went wrong. (The spoilers are the last part of the show and easily skippable and fun so return once you’ve seen it). It’s a panoply of Geek Shock!

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