Geekshock March, 6th 2013 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #180 - Zumzagadur


Beware the wrath of Zumzagadur, you zumzagadur, for he may curse you with such geeky topics as G.L.O.W., geek prez cred, a Storm is brewin, playing in the children’s museum, PETA’s Pirates, Fifty Shades of Legal Quandry, The Princess is in, more Croft, Evil Dead 4, Jack the Box Office Slayer, He’s just a sweet dark Jedi, wizardry in Iran, RetroN 4, Gygax, six strikes, EVE’s milestone, the return of Fanimutation, Stewart’s movie and various rants on political BS. So sneak into that children’s museum, it’s time for a Geek Shock!

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