Geekshock February, 27th 2013 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #179 - Monkey Headed Flapjack


Tune up that banjo and get into the swing of this here Geek Shock where we discuss FoxBay:TMNT, Castle Nayskull, PS4, 1down, Jay & Anime Bob, The mis-information of Joe Average, The return of Ford, Rock Band no more, help me make my geek project, too many spider-cooks, AMC’s Terror, Days of Dinklage Past, Super Clyde, Metroplex, and Gender Roles and Identity in Comic Books. So put on your flapjacks, it’s time for a Geeeeek Shawk!

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  • Professor Biggs says

    Erica Durance quickly supplanted my previous favorite live-action Lois Lane, Phyllis Coates,after about the first season she appeared on. I think the character was fairly well written (in general) and generally well-acted by Ms. Durance. Mr. Mattingly’s disdain for the character and Ms. Durance is further evidence that he is a Godless Communist.
    Signed, Prof. Biggs, AKA The Flapjack Headed Monkey (who has a killer theme song, BTW)

  • Professor Biggs says

    I mean, the Monkey-Headed Flapjack.