Geekshock January, 23rd 2013 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #174 - WHO Drives The Bus !?!


This is it! The longest Geek Shock ever recorded. So long that we ran out of hard drive space on the home studio! What could drive us into such nerdy heft? Subjects like interactive magazines, demon barbers, Portlandia, King of the Nerds, Godzilla’s Godzookie, Tailly, Godawfulsey, PocketWarwick, Who drives the Bat now(?), ZombieTVLand, Pokemon XXX, Terminator: Dracula’s Bloody Avatar Island, Copyright Craft Theme Park, Dawson College of Evil, TripleShock, personal outsourcing, and the issue of homicide vs. video games. That and a whole lot more on this uber-long, abruptly ending Geek Sho—

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  • Professor Biggs says

    A third? That would be about 46,000 so, no. Signed, Prof. Buzzkill

  • Professor Biggs says

    Re “Rich and Famous”. This is one of the things that I harp on in my theatre classes. If you are getting into theatre, acting, screenwriting, etc for The Money, forget it. There’s no money in showbiz. Obviously that last statement is untrue but it is usually true in the short run. When you are first starting out, you’d better be doing it because you love it and will die if you don’t do it. What usually happens in that case (if you are working on your craft and are having a good time doing it and are pleasant to be around) is that people in a position to hire you will continue to hire you and you will ultimately make some money at it. Will you be “Rich and Famous”? Meh. Maybe. But you have a good chance to make a nice middle-class living at it.

  • Brian says

    I’d like to backup 80’s Jeff on his bus driver comment. I’m not sure his scenario plays out as often as he may have suggested it does, but I think his point is valid. When you outsource down too many levels, the money that is left to pay the people who actually do the work will not draw the highest quality of worker. A bus driver used to making $30 an hour who is skilled and takes pride in their work will move to another city or change careers before taking $10/hr. When you’re pay drops that low, you get 2 types of people. 1. Rookies, who are less skilled and will bail as soon as something better comes along. 2. Bad bus drivers who don’t give a..[bad word].. because they are only making $10/hr.

    Like I said, I don’t think this plays out as often in public transportation as it might in other fields like Computers/Networking which I see all the time, but Jeff makes a good point.

    Your delivery needs work Jeff, but your point was not wasted on me! Great show guys! It took me 2 round trips to work and snow blowing my driveway this morning to get through it, but it was time well spent.

  • Brian says

    ahh crap.. I did the your, you’re thing…WTF!!!?? I never do that. My most sincerest apologies…

  • Just Michael says

    I’ve been enjoying King of the Nerds. I planned on hating it, but it won me over.
    Great show guys, sorry I missed it!

  • mastertorgo says

    Thank you, Brian. You raise a good point. Glad we could be there for your freezing commute. Don’t worry about the you(‘re) thing. We aren’t grammer police. Well Jeff is but you agree with him, so he doesn’t care.