GeekBlog January, 22nd 2013 by Todd Bristow

Consumption - By Just Michael


There are too many options when it comes to my entertainment consumption. How do I balance my movie watching with my book reading? I have comics to keep up on and Youtube series to view. Do I play a video game or check up on Facebook? There are podcasts to listen to and board games I want to play. So many options and yet my time during the day hasn’t gotten any longer. If anything my free time since I have become an adult is becoming more and more elusive.

The other day I got a CD from a friend, he wants me to listen to it and let him know what I think. Just yesterday I went to the bookstore, just to look around. Of course three hours later I walk out with four books that I now have to figure out when I can read them. My stack of comics sits on my end table waiting for me to read and then bag and board them. My movie shelves still have movies wrapped in cellophane. Will I ever be able to get to these things?

I really don’t know if I’ll ever be able to read all that I want to read, or listen to all I want to hear, or see all I want to see or even do all I want to do. As far as problems go, that is a great one to have. So I’m going to keep reading and listening and watching and doing even though my inbox keeps growing and growing. I don’t aspire to consume everything that is produced in this wonderful time of artistic creation, but I will gorge myself while I can on the feast of art, in as many forms as I can get to. This is the era of distribution, where art and information are flowing at us faster than anyone can process.

Don’t stress it. Just stretch out your hands and pick through the ether. The fruit is ripe and plentiful. Enjoy

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  • Professor Biggs says

    This is definitely a First World problem and yet one that I embrace as well. I give it another 30 years or so and then I’m really gonna have to start throwing stuff out. :)