Geekshock November, 28th 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #167 - Animal Petting Zoo



You can blame it on a slow news week. You can blame it on Torgo for unearthing these stories. Or, you can blame yourselves for enjoying this filth. On this dastardly episode of Geek Shock, we talk about the the mini-Wii, Gangnam takeover, Next old men, Charlie Trex, Zombies getting you into college, The danger of one Finnish girl, never invite your digital girlfriend to your wedding, the hotness of Korean dictators, Canadian Hostess, the dangers of roach eating, Xbox vs. WiiU, and animal pimping. So get ready for a Chinese nude spank, it’s time for Geek Shock!

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  • Kommander K says

    OMG — you guys were killing me on the Days of Future Past discussion. First appearance of Rachel Summers! She sends Kitty Pryde’s mind back in time to her younger self to prevent the circumstances that created an apocalyptic future. It was a riff on Terminator. One of Claremont/Byrne’s best, and it established the whole ruined X-future thing. But it had no Cable, no Bishop.

  • mastertorgo says

    We need you to save us from ourselves -Torgo