Geekshock November, 21st 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #166 - Necrotic Herpes


Beware! This episode contains necrotic herpes and exploding Mountain Dew. It also contains information on Trans-Shanghai, Dolly Hostess, Asteroids: The Homecoming, NextBox, Gandalf Connery, Lotsa Star Wars, Walking Dead to the bank, Pratchett’s World, Mega-Man, Mountain Doom, Gamers vs. Surgeons, Then you have my permission to play Sam Fisher, don’t text for points, Axel Foley, Jr., Star Trek: An Unexpected Journey, Marvel Blu part 2, Younger Sherlock Holmes, Avatar (The best movie ever!), and Microsoft by the hour. Plus (God, help us) Robot in Jail all on this week’s Geek Shock!

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  • Steve says

    The guys at Extra Credits did a good video on the future of consoles. I for one think that this will be the last console cycle.

  • TFP says

    Thank you for the link. I think they nailed it. My hope is that teck will catch up to my dreams and you will soon be able to place a holographic arcade cabnet anywhere you like, just by installing an app on your phone!

  • Kommander K says

    So with all that chatter we’ve had in the recent weeks about Gary Seven being the villain in the next Trek movie, it looks like it is Gary MITCHELL, the friend of Kirk who goes crazy with god-power in the second pilot. I love podcasting — instead of just being stupid with my friends, I’m being stupid on record.