Geekshock November, 7th 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #164 - Da Vinci As Folk



What do you do when Big Bro Microsoft is watching you? NO, Torgo not that! You listen to Geek Shock where we talk about things like Expendables 3, the New 52 covers, Lucas gives it up, Locke & Key, Starz hot bizness, Die Han Die, Whedonverses, Labyrinth, Ewok rap, Cusack’s Cell, Kinect peers into your soul, Ralph wrecks the Box Office, Stan Lee’s Strange behavior, Flight of the Muppets, and Meth-busters. So turn up that soundtrack to Labyrinth, it’s time for a Geek Shock!

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  • Professor Biggs says

    I can’t believe Fact-Check Andy wasn’t all over this show. Sean Connery is Scottish, not Welsh. The two Reb Brown Captain America movies were Made for TV and the Matt Salinger movie never had an American theatrical release although it did business in the UK and a handful of other European countries. Also, kudos on the impression of Paul doing his impression of Stan Lee. :)