Geekshock October, 31st 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #163 - Go Full Guinea Pig


So did anything interesting happen today? I dunno.. things like DISNEY BUYING LUCASFILM, Arnold’s return as Conan, Vaughn quitting X-Men, Sasquach bounties, G4Nobody, flipping off your neighbors wi-fi style, Logan’s timeline, Disney Princesses, Gerbils, Freddy’s nemesis vs. the Federation, and Resident Evil 6 gets fixed (ala the vet). All this and more in a TWO HOUR Geek Shock extravaganza. God help us.

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  • F. Andrew Taylor says

    Now that i’ve hunted it town, I was wrong about Disney Girls. It’s not originally an Art Garfunkel song, it’s a Beach Boys cover. Also, It’s not creepy, I was just mislead that it was supposed to be ironic, Stupid college hipsters.

  • Skoli says

    Paul Bartel played Bluto in Altman’s Popeye. Famous Paul will most likely remember Bartel as the rapey Prison Warden from his REALLY worn out copy of Midnight Express.

  • Professor Biggs says

    Actually, it was Paul L. Smith, who also played The Beast Rabban in Lynch’s “Dung”…er…”Dune”. Paul Bartel is a character actor who also wrote and directed “Eating Raoul”. You’re welcome. Signed, The Professor.

  • TFP says

    I want that tape BACK, Skoli! Also, Midnight Express is the evening time nickname of my wang dang.

  • Skoli says

    CRAP. What the Professor said.

    And TFP, you’ll get your tape back when you compensate me for drilling a hole in Jack O Lantern on my porch and filling full of fudge.