Geekshock September, 18th 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #159 - Jehovavitch


The boys that make the noise are back with an all new Geek Shock! This week we talk about Ben Folds & Fraggles, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Transformers 4, Wonder Women from Lesbos, Dorn’s got a brand new bag, MANIMAL(!), Final Fantasy XIII – WTF, President America, Movie Ninjas, Shannara, NASA’s space bubble, Trek off the dark, Smallishville, WiiU, expensive briefcases, G4 no more, Artless History, Final Fantasy Four Hundred $, and time to eat the sugar, kids! So jump in feet first… I double dog dare ya!

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  • Professor Biggs says

    Well, now you made me feel bad about Superman’s sphincter.

  • Headtoon says

    If you’ve read one Shannara book, you’ve read them all. Seriously.