Geekshock July, 25th 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #153 - Scale Wars



How would you rate this Geek Shock? Four stars? AC.E+? Three-and-a-half Jalapenos? Two Robot’s in jail? However you rate it, it was a great and horrible week for geeks everywhere and we weigh in on the Dark Knight fallout. We also talk about Pepsi vs Coke, Chik-Fil-A vs Muppets, Orci/Kurtzman vs American literary history, Taiwan vs game breaks, AMC vs costumes, Jurassic Park 4 vs 2014, bedridden children vs Giant Voldemort, Dreamworks vs your childhood, DC vs writers, and NBC vs sexy Dracula. We also discuss the worst performing films of 2011 (cause we’re topical like that). So rate the world in a scale of your choosing, it’s time for a Geek Shock!


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  • Professor Biggs says

    My cell phone is for MY convenience. It’s almost always on silent mode. (Mark Twain voice) I recall back in the dim dark ages of the 90s when almost nobody had a cell phone and if you wanted to get ‘hold of someone, you had to leave a message on the machine at home.

  • Professor Biggs says

    I liked “Get Him to the Greek” better when it was called “My Favorite Year”.

  • Professor Biggs says

    “Anonymous” is historical BS but is otherwise an excellent movie. Oxfordians can bite me. For a more factual representation of the life of Shakespeare, I recommend the PBS documentary series, “Searching for Shakespeare”.

    The rule of thumb is that a movie must make 2.5 to 3 times its budget to break even (depending on money spent on advertising, number of prints, etc.). A lot of the money a movie needs to make also goes to the interest for loans taken by the studios/investors to make the film. And finally, there’s creative bookkeeping to prevent profit participants from…er…participating. Which is why it’s always better to take a percentage of the gross.

    Finally, be a Gleek, boys. All the cool kids are doing it…